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From Good to Great: Unlocking True Potential through Practice

Posted by Thej Academy on 05th April 2023

Hello dear students and parents! We all undoubtedly agree that practice is the cornerstone to mastering any craft or skill set. Whether it be in business, athletics, arts or education, through repeated practice one hones their abilities and grows as an expert. Consistent practice allows for refinement and improvement over time. Practicing what you learn […]

What is Schoty Abacus (Russian Schoty Abacus)?

Posted by Thej Academy on 22nd September 2021

The Russian abacus, otherwise called the Schoty abacus, is not as well-known as the Japanese or the Chinese abacus. The Russian abacus has a simple design and a much specific purpose. the Russian abacus was an integral part of counting and businesses in the Soviet Union, centuries back.

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What is Japanese Abacus (Japanese Soroban Abacus)?

Posted by Thej Academy on 17th August 2021

Soroban Abacus is invented in 14th century, it wasn’t used widely not until the 17th century. Soroban means counting Tray.

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What is Chinese Suanpan (Suan pan) Abacus

Posted by Thej Academy on 16th July 2021

Inventions in ancient days have always been nothing less than jaw-dropping. Suanpan is the Chinese version of the abacus, invented in the 1200 C E, which was during the Ming dynasty. The Chinese abacus was pronounced as ‘Su-an-pan’, which meant ‘calculating tray’. Calculations using the Suanpan abacus were possible when there was a clear understanding of the place values.

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What is Roman Abacus

Posted by Thej Academy on 22nd June 2021

Before all these handy abacus kits came into usage, early humans were way too creative with their tools. The human brain is beyond predictions and knows no limitations. The early humans had amazing creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that never failed to amaze us. Roman abacus was widely known for its creative design, versatility, and ease of usage.

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Abacus Franchise with No Royalty Fee

Posted by Thej Academy on 30th March 2021

Thej Academy provides you an opportunity to open an abacus franchise. Become an entrepreneur and open an abacus franchise. No royalty fee for the franchise.

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Benefits of Learning Abacus

Posted by Thej Academy on 28th February 2021

With the summer holidays on the way, are you in the quest for something useful, interesting, and fun? Think no more. With the COVID situation still in action, outdoor activities might be a threat to your safety. While staying indoors all day can be boring, we have a proposal for you.

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Online Abacus Training

Posted by Thej Academy on 07th December 2020

Learn abacus and become a certified abacus coach in 2 months. Thej Academy provides online abacus training for interested adults. Best abacus training with certification for budding entrepreneurs, freelancers and housewives. Become a trained abacus coach and expand your knowledge and business goals. Join today and learn abacus from home.

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Abacus for Adults

Posted by Thej Academy on 19th October 2020

Join Thej Academy special abacus classes for adults. Increase your memory and mental visualization to amazing levels

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2nd National Level Online Abacus Competition

Posted by Thej Academy on 02nd September 2020

We are living in a world where everything requires technology. Touch of a button you get everything at your doorstep. It is Now or Never, we have to make the decision faster and gives you the best. After a much wait Thej Academy conducting the 2nd National Level All Indian Online Abacus Competition. Jump in and register today. Don’t miss this chance.

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