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About us

Thej Academy serves as the best and most trusted Abacus training academy in Nesapakkam, Chennai. We practice carefully curated, unique teaching methodologies to nurture our children in Abacus training, handwriting practices, Singapore Math and more that holistically enhances their skillsets and abilities

Welcome to Thej Academy

Pioneering in Abacus TMental Arithmetic Training with the highest quality of Abacus teaching in Nesapakkam, Chennai. India Since 1st July 2000.

Thej Academy, a pioneer in abacus training in Chennai have entered 21 Yrs. Since inception, about 10,000+ student has enrolled of which 8,700 have completed abacus classes in Nesapakkam. Thej Academy, a renowned abacus institution in Chennai is known for our ambience and friendly environment plus our dedicated and well-experienced teachers. All the positive feedbacks and encouragements given by our beloved parents have inspired us to embark on other activities like the "Singapore Maths".

Students from class-1 and above are eligible for these "concrete to pictorial to abstract" methodology at abacus classes near me, which enables them to self-regulate their learning and monitor one's thinking which altogether hones their reasoning, communication, and thinking abilities. We are inundated with appreciations from parents of children who have attended the "handwriting and calligraphy classes" at the best abacus classes near me as they can see a drastic improvement in the handwriting of their children. The spoken English course for students from class-5th and above helps children overcome the communication barrier in the language. The "learn English course" for class-1 to 4 children at the best abacus classes in Nesapakkam teaches them spelling, grammar, and comprehension. Overall, Thej academy helps shape up the children to face the challenging, competitive world in a much better way.


To focus on the holistic development of the child through our programmes which includes a strong personality within him/her to decide upon his/her future aspiration.


Vision is to maintain quality of teaching and grow at a steady space and gain 1000 center/Schools in the entire country by the year 2020. To generate employment opportunities for educated unemployed women.

We Sharpen Your Skills

Our Abacus education program is a researched and proven method that uses the abacus with the right brain development to the seat of intelligence, concentration, perceptual capability, observation, listening, photographic memory skills, imaging skills which automatically results in student's better performance in academics.

Effective Methodology

Our successful step by step guidance and motivational teaching method will effectively help the students to understand and develop precise frame of ideas to approach mathematics. With this, Children become self reliant and confident. Thej academy, a renowned institution in Chennai is known for its ambience, friendly environment and well experienced teachers.

We Follow Zhusuan Mental Arithmetic

There is no limit to potentialities of the human brain. Not only does the function of human brain needs cultivating from childhood, but it also needs to be constantly used. The harmonious action between the organ of human body and limbs, especially the triggering of "image in brain" is the promote of tapping the function of the brain in Mental Arithmetic by Zhusuan. A lot of physiological organs of human body are divided into left and right parts. Some of them appear symmetric on the surface, but the functions are not symmetric at all. For instance the right and left hands are different in strength and skill. Research on brain science reveals that the left hemisphere provides analytical information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning language and sound. The right hemisphere provides integral information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning shape and space.

The different cognitive forms of the two hemispheres are mutually complementary and co-operative and develop harmoniously making up the whole function of the human brain. Left brain governs the right limbs and the right one, left. Conversely the action of the limbs also has an influence on the development of the brain. Human beings, by heredity and education are accustomed to using the right hand in the early years. Since the right hand is used more than the left hand, the right brain functions are badly developed. In order to explore & develop the potentialities of the human brain fully, many psychologists and brain scientists have been doing research on how to develop the functions of the right brain further. Mental Arithmetic by image of Zhusuan that solves the problem According to foreign researchers, the learning of Abacus mental arithmetic accelerates the development of brain. Numerous examples prove that people who learn Abacus Mental Arithmetic since childhood are more intelligent, good at academics and exhibit better behavior. With the spread of Abacus mental Arithmetic training in recent, more and more children have joined the classes and have improved their overall performance.

The Cognitive Theory

Two famous scholars expound cognitive theory. One of them is J.Piaget, a Swiss development psychologist and the other is J.S.Burner, American educational psychologist. Piaget traces the stage of intellectual development as follows:

  • Sensorimotor Stage - Infants from new born to two years old get their senses from the movement of their bodies.
  • Pre-operational State - Children from age two to seven begin to develop their thinking by using language, letters and pictures which are abstract symbols.
  • Formal Operational Stage - Children above eleven are mature in their thinking. They can analyze by abstract formal logic. They can be taught abstract concepts like algebra and geometry. They can be taught abstract concepts as algebra and geometry.

As the consciousness of numbers is gradually developed, in children from one and half of two years old, it should be strengthened by concrete items so that they know their association. At this stage concrete items work as 'Teaching aids'.

We use the abacus. Through constant exploration and practice the children get the concept of numbers. It is only a beginning with numbers. Soon, all the information is absorbed and processed faster in the mind. The learning of abacus helps the understanding of natural science because it has concrete strings of balls to help thinking. "The Elevation of Abacus" means the ability to calculate by concrete balls, the invisible imagery of formal calculation, which then reaches the level of mental arithmetic. The learning of abacus has same process of cognitive theory which emphasizes the mental development from the concrete, to the conceptual, formal and symbolic.

The research on modern physiology and science of brain indicates that the brain of a five or six years old child has reached the weight of 1200g making up 86% of the adult brain. At this time the child has approached the sensitive period of thinking in their visual receptivity, aural recognition and flexibility of finger muscles.