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Abacus for Adults

Posted by Thej Academy on 19th October 2020


“Learning has no age limit, whatsoever” – Let’s start from here. Abacus – the counting frame with a frame and beads is revolutionizing the world. But is it for people of all ages? There is a common misconception that abacus is only for kids. Well, it is a big NO.

Many ancient civilizations including the Mesopotamians, Romans, etc have used abacus calculations, their entire life. Abacus was never limited to kids.

Anyone with an enthusiasm to learn new things, defies age and other stigmatic factors to reach their goals. All that one needs is the desire to learn.

The right mentor to guide them is very crucial. In this article, we will walk you through the benefits of learning abacus for adults. Also, we will show you a glimpse of how Thej Academy helps you do it.

The Best Age to Start Learning Abacus

The Best Age to Start Learning Abacus
The Best Age to Start Learning Abacus

The best age to begin abacus training is quite subjective. One might probably introduce abacus to a toddler to teach numbers. Others teach abacus to learn the basics of abacus. Some parents even introduce abacus to kids to teach them the basics of counting.

Abacus can be learnt by any kid who knows to read and write the numbers from one to nine. This makes it even simpler. However, the minimum age to start learning to manipulate numbers using abacus is, from ages 4-6.

The age that we recommend at Thej Academy

We recommend children start learning abacus at the age of 4. Because kids would just have learned numbers, and that would be the ideal time to introduce them to a fun way of addition and subtraction, using the abacus. The idea is to make the children comfortable with numbers and arithmetic calculations.

Why Make Learning a Fun-Filled Process?

Not to mention, making counting fun using the abacus will make anyone more interested in learning arithmetic calculations. The enthusiasm that pushes the kid to learn further is very important. However, our advice is that the earlier anyone starts learning and practicing abacus, the easier it is for him to grasp mathematical calculations and increase his/her arithmetical proficiency.

Is Abacus Only for Ages 4 – 12?

We, at Thej Academy, had heard a lot of inquisitive parents ask us this question. No, there is no age limit as such, when it comes to learning abacus. Like we had mentioned earlier, people in the early civilizations have spent their entire lives, counting their business calculations on an abacus.

Abacus is based on a versatile method of manipulating numbers, just using one’s mind. Abacus can be learned by people of any age, with a proper mentor and mindful practice.

Manipulating the numbers in the mind is comparatively tricky when compared to calculating using the abacus kit. We at Thej academy, make it cakewalk for both children and adults.

Can Adults Learn Abacus?

“Learning has no age bars” – true to this saying, there are no age restrictions when it comes to learning abacus. However, to start with, the basic knowledge of numbers and manipulations are a must. With adequate guidance, any adult can master abacus, at the same time as an 8-year-old child. The desire to learn is all that is needed in order to acquire a new skill.

We at Thej Academy, train budding entrepreneurs interested in learning abacus, to start their own abacus classes. People also learn abacus, simply to boost their memory skills. Not to mention, an active brain helps you to come up with a creative approach to everything in your life.


Unless the person is suffering from Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia, it is most certainly possible to learn abacus, irrespective of the age.

Are you willing to learn abacus to become a certified abacus coach? You need not have any further thoughts, join Thej academy.

Is Learning Abacus for Adults Recommended?

We at Thej Academy highly recommend adults to learn abacus. It has various mental benefits that will blow your mind. On a simpler note, adults who learn and practice abacus to execute complex calculations have a sharper mind equal to that of a child, and will never have short-term memory loss or any such age-related memory issues.

How cool is that for a 40-year-old adult?

What Learning Abacus Does to Adults

An adult’s brain technically lacks visualization, accuracy, and speed with age, which is quite natural.

But in this competitive era, it is important even for people above 30 years of age to keep their brains sharp and focused, in order to succeed. Abacus based arithmetic functions increase focus and enhance the concentration levels in adults. To sharpen one’s mental and visualization skills, an abacus is the best tool for any adult.

Abacus for Adults in Thej Academy

The Best Age to Start Learning Abacus
The Best Age to Start Learning Abacus

Anything can be learned easily, with the right mentor, This is undeniable when it comes to an abacus. Abacus is actually a very good skill to pick up for adults.

Anyone till the age of 40, interested in learning abacus, can reach out to us. We have skilled mentors who make learning abacus an easy and effortless process, even for adults. First of all, abacus is fun. Not to mention, many adults hate maths and tend to make silly mistakes when performing computations. This happens especially in addition and multiplication of large numbers.

Abacus helps them to overcome this. Our mentors start as basic as alleviating your fear of math, to help you pick up speedy visual calculations.

A Glimpse of Our Teaching-Learning Procedure for Adults

We at Thej academy guide adults to learn abacus the same way we teach kids. When it comes to adults, we focus on improving certain other important aspects as well. We introduce mental addition and multiplication as a fun task, like it is just a game.

Visualization of course takes time, but eventually with practice you do it by just imagining an abacus. Imagine yourself computing your bills faster at billing counters.

Helping Adults Develop Visual Memory

Secondly, we help adults improve their focus and concentration. Our mentors help you focus only on the rods and beads involved in the calculation. They guide you in such a way that your mind doesn’t wander. This eventually becomes a habit and you do the same for all the tasks that you carry out. Isn’t it amazing?

Mentor’s Focus on Higher Levels

Following that, we help you in enhancing memory power as you move to higher levels. With higher levels comes manipulations of bigger numbers. Our mentors train you in such a way that you will remember the intermediate steps in calculations. This helps in remembering everything in your day-to-day life. A life without memory loss is assured, when you learn abacus.

How We Help Adults to Develop Visual Memory

Complimentary formulas are a bit tricky. But those are the ones that help adults to improve their imagination. Ultimately you will be imagining an abacus and would be carrying out calculations. So you will start visualizing things quickly. Whenever you have a conversation you will feel like you are watching something live. A creative imagination to everything adds a little beauty to life, we believe.

Our Mentors Help You Build Confidence

Our mentors guide you to handle the addition of 10 – ten-digit numbers with ease, that too in less than a minute. Manipulations like these will boost up your confidence like anything, with our customized one- to one training.

Hold on. Before you make up your mind, read what our clients say about our impeccable mentoring.

Let’s Talk About Visual Memory

Let's Talk About Visual Memory
Let’s Talk About Visual Memory

To learn something new, the brain needs to be completely engaged. Young children indeed tend to have better memory skills than elders. The ability to store more information for a long time in your memory is just left unused, not lost with age. This function of the brain can be easily triggered by basic abacus training.

We can slowly work our way up, to speedy calculations. Enhancing the visual memory of adults is found to be as equally effective as done in kids.

A Promising Way to Increase Visual Memory

Except, in adults, this helps in better visualization, improved logical reasoning skills, and faster decision-making. Increased memory skills are of course an unsaid bonus.

Next to Midbrain activation, a promising way of increasing your visual memory without medications or any side effects, hands down, it is Abacus.

What Is the Need to Learn Abacus in This Age of Computers

Many of you might have this question. When a computer/calculator has unmatchable accuracy, why do we need to learn abacus?

Well, the answer is simple. With proper guidance, anyone can perform mental math, using an abacus. This will not only help them in their academics but also in increased memory power, focusing better, problem-solving skills, logical analytics, and a sharp mind.

What Does Abacus Do to Adult’s Brains?

Undoubtedly, a computer or a calculator cannot help you with all these. Abacus taps into the plasticity and versatility of people’s minds to develop and increase brain sensitivity. This in turn plays a major part in one’s mental skills. They can only be learned from a mentor. It has greater benefits in the longer run. That is why one needs to learn abacus.

Concrete Research-Driven Influences of Abacus on Adults

Abacus stimulates the brain of adults as much as it stimulates a child’s brain. Many pieces of research back up this statement.

  • Cultivating logical reasoning is an unsaid advantage of learning abacus. Learning abacus is directly linked to the Prefrontal Cortex, says Ryuta Kawashima, a professor in Northeast University Japan.
  • Moving the fingers up and down is proved to improve the blood circulation to the brain. It in turn alleviates the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, brain damage, and blockage in the brain function.
  • Researches from the Northeast University of Japan states that even the simple arithmetic done using the abacus helps in increasing the vitality of elderly people’s brains.

The Standard Human Visual Memory – a Gist

The Standard Human Visual Memory - a Gist
The Standard Human Visual Memory – a Gist

The visual memory of humans changes with age and other genetic factors.

A newborn has a brain development in such a tremendous speed that it reaches its fullest growth in three years. That is why it is vital to introduce a child to numbers and language in its initial years.

The human brain gradually loses its ability to store information for longer periods. It is not because of aging, but due to the reduced stimulation of the right brain.

The right brain is stimulated during creative activities such as mental math, painting, writing poetry/any kind of creative art. Hence, with the right brain-stimulating activity, human visual memory can be retained at any age. Several pieces of research have proved it.

Unable to believe yet?

“In an old folk’s home Fukushima, 44 elderly between 79-98 participated in a simple experiment that involved a simple experiment that involved simple abacus calculation for 20 minutes each day for half a year. During that period, the participant’s thought processes and actions were being observed to determine the functionality of their prefrontal cortex. The results after three months showed tremendous in terms of brain development and visual memory, decision-making, and social behavior.”

Long-Term Benefits of Learning Abacus

Long-Term Benefits of Learning Abacus
Long-Term Benefits of Learning Abacus

Abacus is a simple tool. However, throughout time, it has proved to be an important education instrument in the current society.

Learning abacus may be time-consuming but this will be the best investment, you make for life. Learning abacus not only helps adults to perform better in mental arithmetics but more. The long term has proven benefits of learning abacus includes

  • Better precision at arithmetics, irrespective of age.
  • Increased focus
  • Slow aging of the brain muscles.
  • Better problem-solving and logical reasoning skills
  • Free from Alzheimer’s or any brain-related diseases
  • No memory loss
  • Increased brain cognition at any age
  • Better visual information processing
  • A sharper mind promises to increase math proficiency for life
  • Increased confidence levels
  • A sharper mind as a bonus.


With tremendous advancements in technology, we tend to ignore the skills that we need to nurture the human brain and help in its development. We need quick fixes for everything, even learning.

Unfortunately. The human mind does not fit into the category. The betterment or development of the human mind needs a skill that has to be acquired. We at Thej Academy, have skilled mentors, who can train you irrespective of your age, to excel in Abacus. So readers, we provide you an opportunity to celebrate your moment of ‘Self-triumph’ irrespective of age by effective abacus coaching, online and offline.

Enroll today in Thej Academy online classes, to master mind math using Abacus. Are you an adult looking forward to enhance your skills? Don’t think further, give us a ring or a ping. Lets defy age restrictions together and become more awesome, during this lock down.

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