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In all ways possible, Thej Academy at Nesapakkam strives to serve you the best with the highest quality Abacus education in Chennai. Our secret to success is listening to our customers: deeply, thoroughly, and dedicatedly! We value each of your ideas and comments and incorporate the needed changes into our system to serve you even better. Please do check our organically received testimonials.

We, from Malaysia, introduced Mental arithmetics to India in the year 2000. The ground works began in 1999. It was not easy to introduce something to a culture that refuses to change. I realised that we can only do it if we can show local results. For that we needed, wanting to face challenges parents, brave 5, 6 year old kids and local teachers (moderators) who were willing to guide the kids something that even they don’t understand.

What a task we had to endure. Luckily, with the help of our local managing director, we were able to get some teachers who had no teaching background. That was important. We would have miserably failed if we got real teachers because they were going to teach something that even they did not understand. These women, who volunteered initially were very educated homemakers. One of my initial volunteers was Ms. Prameela. Indian mental arithmetics today owes it to these initial volunteers. With their influence in the community , they were able to convince some parents to indulge their loving children into something really alien.

Results started to speak and mental arithmetics slowly flourished. With that, greed also followed. I never liked that because I brought it to India only as a service. So, I walked away. Completely. Many of my initial volunteers, who also did not condone to greed broke away. But because of the passion towards the new system and the want to continue giving it to young kids, they started to do it on their own. Thej Academy is one such breakaway that just celebrated her 21st anniversary. And I am very happy my dream lives on. I thank all my initial teachers and the initial brave parents and children. My blessings to Prameela and Thej Academy.

- Jayabhalan R (Malaysia)

Achuth Chandrasekhar

Thej Academy is a pioneer in abacus education and has churned out countless brilliant minds for close to two decades now. The academy has carved a niche for itself owing to the revered, friendly faculty they have on-board. They have scores of other programs to chose from apart from abacus like handwriting, spoken English and the most noteworthy of it all being the Mid-Brain activation program. In short, the best academy one can enroll their kids into.

Vidyakrish krish

This is an excellent institute for kids.My younger child joined abacus and my elder one learnt abacus,mid brain ,ruby cube,calligraphy.They made her excel in whatever they trained her.Her studies has improved a lot. Her memory power and concentration is astonishing.she has become a fast learner.This training has made her stand unique in her class.Am sure this institute is really doing an excellent work.Thanks for making my children realize the real power in them.The fees is reasonable and value for money

Jothi Arockiamary

I would say this is the best institute for abacus training. My two kids attended the abacus training here. My younger children who hates math, now in love with math. We observed a vast difference in her studies after she completed the first 4 level of abacus training. Thanks much for training my kids.

Vijayalakshmi Venkat

I am very happy to share about Thej Academy that it is a pioneer in abacus education. My son who has completed all his levels still using techniques and helping him in all walks of life and speed and accuracy is perfect.

Muralidharan G

Thej Academy has been masters in abacus training since their inception. They helped both my sons by increasing their concentration, logical thinking and creativity. It is not unfair to say that this helped one of my sons, who is now studying at CEG, Anna University. He was also a school topper and a proficiency award winning student throughout his school time. Dedicated teachers are a great plus to this institute and I would definitely recommend this place.

Kamalakannan Shobanadevi

I would say this is the best institute for Abacus and Handwriting training. My son attended the Handwriting training here. My son who hates writing and his handwriting is not good, now improve his handwriting . We observed a vast difference in his handwriting after he completed the Handwriting Class. Now my son join in Abacus training..Thanks much for training my kids

Lakshmi narasimhan

My daughter has been consistently learning Both Abacus and math at Thej academy of Abacus , she is excellent with numbers now and likes to go for her Abacus classes at Thej academy. The teachers coaching skills and attention to detail has really made my daughter very good both at Math and abacus. Thanks Thej academy teachers!!!

Kishore Singh

I have a long standing relationship with thej from 2002. Was part of this great institution as a student in their first few years where Viji Mam was my teacher. Now my nephew who is 11 years old has been going to Thej academy for the past 7 years. He has gained a fond liking towards abacus and is currently going to his last level in it... They spend time personally in answering all our doubts and thir guidance is impeccable. Secondly,he has enrolled for handwriting classes and we are extremely happy about our decision. Next,mid brain classes taken by prameela mam is a standout... They have sent my nephew to national level tournaments and he has performed extremely well. All the parents in and around Nesapakkam should definitely have a go at Thej Academy.


My Son and Daughter finished all 8 levels successful. And also finished Mid Brain course. Both course very much useful for my kids.Thanks to Thej academy.


My son is learning here for a couple of years now. My son is guided and coached by a skilled and learned teacher and has learned abacus very well until now. Abacus has helped him in his academics and also helps him do the calculations at a faster pace in day to day life. As a parent, I observe that his learning skills and grasping have also improved due to this. Overall, it's a good step to take towards the development of the child.


Excellent coaching and I like the way the teachers look after the kids in a kind manner. Thanks for the academy and also for the teachers..


My children completed all levels in Abacus program and they are doing well in the school. Teachers are very dedicated, all the best Thej Academy!!!!!


Teachers are very dedicated and the course work is excellent. My sister has completed the grand level and won championship in national competition. She also had the opportunity to go to Malaysia for the international competition. The coursework helps her immensely in her studies and enables her to score well in all subjects. I recommend Thej academy to all parents and students

Ramesh Venkat

Very good concept. Helpful in enhancing my child's memory skill's. Boost to his overall performance.Kudos to Thej Academy .Keep up the good work.

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