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All about Handwriting

Posted by Thej Academy on 08th May 2019

Graphology is the study of handwriting in relation to the human psychology

Writing has inevitably become a part of our regular life. Handwriting is the writing done in general with a pen or a pencil. It includes variety of styles including regular and cursive. Also, it is a well-known fact that each person has a distinctly unique handwriting. Surprisingly, even the genetically identical twins who share the same appearance do not tend to have the same hand writing.

Advantages of Neat Handwriting

Advantages of Neat Handwriting - Thej Academy

Undoubtedly, a neat and comprehensive handwriting comes with practice. Adding to it, alegible and neat handwriting contributes to fluency as it activates the visual perception of letters.

A neat hand writing helps in brain development. Also, for kids, a neat handwriting has a positive impact on grades. Apparently, Handwriting is an important brain developmental activity for kids, which should be inculcated in the early stages of childhood.

The inability to produce clear, coherent and legible handwriting is called dysgraphia.

Handwriting styles

Handwriting styles - Thej Academy

Every individual has his/her own unique style of writing. It differs on various factors starting from genetics to trained writing. In a broad sense, handwriting styles are classified into three major types.

  • Cursive
  • Print and
  • D’Nealian

Cursive writing: Cursive writing is also called as “running hand” where the pen lifts are minimized. The cursive writing is further divided into 3 types namely, Looped, Italic and Connected.

D’Nealian: D’nealian is the type of writing that involves manuscript writing in the English. It is otherwise known as the ‘Print and Block’ method. It also involves both print and cursive writing styles.

Cursive writing is practiced worldwide as treatment for DYSLEXIA

Handwriting classes at Thej Academy

Handwriting classes at Thej Academy - Thej Academy

At Thej academy, we have skilled staff who can actively impart handwriting practice for kids, alongside, making them realize the importance of it. Regular handwriting practice helps in developing distinctive strokes. By the same token, learning cursive writing acts as an important tool in cognitive development.

Our teaching method begins from setting the right posture for writing. Right from holding the pencil/pen with the right grip and pressure, we teach handwriting in such a way that it becomes an integral part of the kid’s academic development. For this reason, we have a step-by-step approach to the same. Primary focus is on teaching strokes, then comes the practicing of letters and words.

Handwriting is an imprint of oneself on a page.

How to improve Handwriting

A good handwriting skill is not only restricted to kids but is also needed for adults. For any provided individual, good handwriting is equally important as fluent speaking skills. With a neat and dexterous handwriting, the ability to express and communicate becomes handy. Moreover, a person with poor handwriting is usually considered as a poor performer. Clearly, handwriting improvement is an assured way for improvement in grades and academic performance.

Start with a relaxed grip on your writing equipment. A good handwriting is an ineluctable result when the hand movements are smooth. Practice on lined paper till you get the proper shape of the letters. These are the basics to develop a good handwriting. Undoubtedly, learning to write in a good handwriting style is time consuming. Nonetheless, constant practice will make it handy.



Handwriting Practice - Thej Academy

Everybody has a unique handwriting style, that is created in a well-organized way to form letters and numbers. Practicing Handwriting for kids is a priority in most parent’s list these days. Handwriting practice not only helps kids to write neatly and legibly, but also sharpens the brain and helps them learn better. Ideally, kids with better handwriting are rewarded more marks and better grades than the kids with poor writing skills. Hence, it is highly evident that good handwriting skills are a ‘must posses‘ for the kids these days in order to score well in academics.

Also, schools these days have additional marks for neat handwriting, in order to help the kid improvise his/her writing.

Handwriting practice for kids at Thej Academy

The handwriting practice for kids begins with a general introduction to the letters. This is done to familiarize the kids with the capital and small forms of different letters. Our teachers here, generally emphasize correct letter formation, neatness of writing, uniformity of letters, spacing of letters and words, alignment of the words with sentences and the speed of writing. However, speed is not our primary focus in the entire training. In short, our greatest attention is towards proper composition of the letters and form practice.

From the right writing tools to the perfect learning environment, we make sure that Thej academy provides the best.


Handwriting for Kids - Thej Academy

Handwriting contributes majorly to the reading fluency, because it involves the visual perception of letters. Handwriting is a crucial factor for success in academics, because good handwriting has a positive impact on marks.

According to recent researches, handwriting practice increases brain activity, hones fine motor skills, can predict a child’s academic success, in words that keyboarding can’t. Furthermore, handwriting also benefits the memory by engaging the body in a more physical activity and improves brain development.


To sum up, a person’s handwriting plays a predominant role in his/her life. The receptive level of a kid’s brain is said to be 10 times higher than that of the adult’s. With methodical teaching and sincere learning, a kid’s brain can be made to do wonders. We at Thej Academy, help kids embrace their own style, rather to force them to learn a particular style. A neat handwriting has several good benefits. To conclude, right from improved brain development to boosted confidence levels, a neat handwriting acts as a total witchcraft.

Handwriting is more than just a mode of communication. It is an expression of Identity

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