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Get Trained as Certified Abacus Teacher

Posted by Thej Academy on 29th July 2020

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Are you looking to start your Abacus classes at your home?

You have come to the right place. Thej Academy Abacus Training conducted online will get you what you want in no time. We are not only specialized in Abacus classes and other Courses, but we also have very good experience in the Abacus Training.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefit of Getting Trained At Thej
  3. Why Thej Academy
    1. Experienced Trainers
    2. Personal One on One Training
    3. Certified Abacus Teacher
    4. Get one Level FREE
    5. Complete in 60 Days
    6. Learn from Anywhere
  4. Who can be Trained as Abacus Teacher?

Benefit of Getting Trained At Thej

Benefit of Getting Trained At Thej
Showing the benefit of getting trained at Thej Academy

Thej Academy has been in the business for more than 20+ years and constantly providing valuable teaching to the children for Abacus classes. We take great care and provide friendly teaching for all our children, in which you can see these valuable testimonials from the parents.

We got many responses from different places around the world and asks us to do the Abacus training. With such good feedback for our Abacus classes, we wanted to provide Abacus training. Abacus training has a total of 8 Levels and we are providing one Level as free of cost. So you get to pay only for 7 levels. The Free could be the first level or the last 8th level or anywhere in-between, but you do not have to pay for one level.

Did you know we are one of the top reputed and Trusted and the Best Abacus Academy in Nesapakkam, Chennai. You can search on Google if you don’t believe us [‘best abacus academy in nesapakkam chennai‘].

Another advantage of getting trained at thej is that you will get Individual Attention and we will help you with every doubt and clarifications. If you have any questions related to Abacus then you should check our Abacus FAQ page.

Pay for 7 and One level Free

Why Thej Academy

If you have been following us you know we have a consistent dedication towards Abacus teaching and provide various articles in our blog. We explain and talk more about Abacus than our Competitors.

Thej Academy is not only specialized in Abacus, we do various other classes for children – Handwriting, Midbrain Activation, Singapore Math. If you would like to learn more you can check out our Courses page.

One on One training session
Trainer teaching through computer

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers are very professional at all levels. They are very patient and make sure you understand fully before you move to the next level. Patience is the key and when it comes to training, it plays a major role.

Personal One on One Training

Before you go to the next level we make sure you understand fully, this can only be achieved through One of One training. Not many Academy provides one on one training. We have been doing this for quite some time. We make sure everyone gets individual attention in the training classes.

Certified Abacus Teacher

After successfully finishing all the levels Thej Academy provides you a personal certificate which is the proof you are a Certified Abacus Teacher. This is a valuable certificate that will help you start your own Abacus business. You know being a certified Abacus teacher is something.

Get one Level FREE

Yes, You read it right, we are giving one level as free of cost. The training includes 8 Levels of abacus learning and Out of eight you only have to pay for seven levels. This may or may not extend in the future so you can consider this as a limited offer.

Complete in 60 Days

Everyone is not the same, some will complete faster and some slow. Don’t worry we will take care both in the same way. If you have interest and dedication towards learning you can finish within no time.

Learn from Anywhere

You can be anywhere in the world and get proper training from Thej Academy. All you need is a Laptop or PC and internet connection. With a sprinkle of passion and interest, you can become an Abacus teacher from the other side of the world.

Who can be Trained as Abacus Teacher?

Avatar of Professional peoples
Avatar of Professional peoples

Whether you are Professor or a Music teacher or even a housewife, As far as training goes, it doesn’t matter which profession you are already in. Thej academy story explains how hard we struggled to start this academy and been in the business for more than 20+ getting a good reputation is hard. Hence we open this up to everyone who are interested and a passion to become an Abacus teacher. That’s all it takes. Apart from your busy schedule if you invest some time to learn Abacus you will become a Certified Abacus teacher in no time.

Don’t wait; start now and grab the Free offer

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