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50% OFF on Abacus classes for New joiner

Posted by Thej Academy on 28th May 2020

Save 15,000 now! [Closed] 

Don’t wait! Offer expires on July 16, 2020.
Education is something that should not be stopped under any condition. We have been providing the industry best teaching experience for more than 20yrs, more than 1000’s students benefitted from all over Tamil Nadu. 

With the current situation in mind, we have planned to expand to cover more audiences all over India and also abroad. Thej Academy has been providing Abacus classes in our Academy for many years and we have recently shifted our teaching to focus on Online classes. The feedback we are getting from the parents is quite satisfying.

We have well experienced and friendly teachers who can able to make a smooth transition from offline to online with ease. And with a good response and encouragement from parents, we can cover more students in the future.

With that said, If you want to Join Thej Academy for Abacus Classes, well then here’s the best offer for you, We are giving 50% off for all our new Joiner for Abacus Classes. Out of 8 Levels, we are giving the first 4 levels Free.

Table 1: Listing out offer details for Abacus classes by levels
Levels Offer
Level 1 FREE
Level 2 FREE
Level 3 FREE
Level 4 FREE
Level 5 Payment
Level 6 Payment
Level 7 Payment
Level 8 Payment
What if you are joining in the middle of the level. No worries! we will still give you 50% off. This is the best deal we have ever given so far… 

Get this offer [Closed] 

Expires on July 16, 2020.

All payments has to be made upfront.
This offer is on Abacus Fee only. Registration, Abacus Instrument, and Books fee are not included in this offer. 

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