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Women Entrepreneurship + the Opportunity to Join Thej Academy

Posted by Thej Academy on 07th June 2019


We live in the age of women empowering the world with their stunning skills and leadership qualities. To begin with, any star woman does not need an outdoor work environment to shine. However, Women around the world are literally proving the same. A flaming star shines on its own. Similarly, a talented woman creates her own work environment. Flashing news and media words on women breaking cultural stereotypes to build their own successful career is taking the media by storm.

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world

Hilary Clinton

In this article, we present Thej Academy’s proud contribution to the same. We are indeed proud to enlighten and uplift the lives of aspiring women entrepreneurs.

What is women entrepreneurship?

To begin with, Women entrepreneurship is the process in which women initiate a business. Firstly, they gather all resources, take risks and face challenges. But eventually, they provide employment to others and manage the business independently. However, it might be as small as a small scale business to any huge leading business.

Women Entrepreneur – The Prerequisites

All that is needed is the basic energy, resources and zest to succeed. Above all, a little innovation is required. Furthermore, the ability to handle economic issues involved in the business is an added bonus. India ranks 29th in the countries with women entrepreneurs. Hop into for more.

Behind every successful woman is Herself

Problems behind women entrepreneurship in India

We live in a male dominant society. This is the problem for emerging women entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, women who succeed despite this stereotype are the real fighters. In fact, they truely deserve success.

Stale stereotypes in the society

Meanwhile, Stale stereotypes in the society still exist. They are beheld by age old cultures and traditions. They are undoubtedly, the most reported reasons as obstacles for women entrepreneurship.

Family-based restrictions

House wives and mothers find it really difficult to level up to entrepreneurship. This is because of their compromise with priorities. Subsequently, their family responsibilities takes up all their time. Hence, they find it really difficult to allot some time for self-business.

Money- The prime factor

Financial problems are the serious ones. Yet they are most under-rated. But, they are the ones that cause the lack of women entrepreneurs. However, Lack of support and resources is the primary pain point. Nevertheless, the set backs in the financial front are a major drawback.

It is money, The ultimate power

Duties of a woman entrepreneur

Woman Entrepreneur duties - blog image

Similarly, as an entrepreneur, a woman has to perform all the functions involved in establishing her own enterprise.

Step 1

Firstly, the duties involve the basic setting up of the to-do list, to eventually rising up as a successful entrepreneur. Secondly, the go-to ideas for a woman entrepreneur includes idea generation and screening. This, in turn involves determination of the plan. Then, design the structure of the business.

Step 2

At last, prepare the project. This composes of designing the form of the business organization. Following this is the promoting of business. At this point, Fund raising is the next major factor. Lastly, procuring men, materials and the overall execution of the business takes place.

Success stories of women entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Success stories - blog image

Women around the world are making great progress. Don’t you think? They plan, work hard and execute their plans. Those women emerge as dashing entrepreneurs in their field of interest. For instance, here are a few inspiring stories of the successful women entrepreneurs around the world.

Vandana Luthra- Founder of VLCC

Vandana is a simply a star. She drastically transformed from a home maker to one of the most-famed women entrepreneur. She aimed at achieving an one stop-solution for every beauty related query and worked day and night towards it, since 1989. Eventually, she established her company VLCC. Today, VLCC has a staff strength of over 4,000 professionals. To our surprise, this includes nutritionists and cosmetologists. In sum, VLCC serves over five million consumers.

Mrs. Vandana Luthra was awarded the Padma Shri in 2013. As a result, She was listed as the 33rd most powerful woman in business in India by Fortune India, in 2015.

But, nothing happens in one day

Vandana Luthra

Suchi Mukherji – Founder of Limeroad

In short, Suchi is a woman of sound substance. She always aspired to build and grow businesses that are focused on simple, yet in-demand consumer products. It is said, that the idea of Limeroad came to her, while she was pregnant.

She embarked on the journey of making Limeroad, in 2012. Currently, Limeroad has a strong team of 200+ IITians and NIFT-design geeks. Subsequently, their Gross Value has also grown by a massive 600% since their launch.

Challenges and success

Nevertheless, Suchi and her associates had to face lots of challenges. Finding the right people to build a solid team was the problem. Furthermore was getting the right kind of design. Apparently, she wanted a team which has a combo of skill and can-do attitude. In contrast, the existing system for the professionally trained vendors was a daunting task to date. But as she was determined to achieve what she had dreamt of, nothing could hold her back.

You need to start off with basics and device a plan to deal with teething issues

Suchi Mukherji

Mrs. Prameela Suresh – Founder of Thej Academy

Thej Academy was found by Mrs. Prameela Suresh on 1st July, 2000. Thej Academy is a renowned educational institution in Chennai. It is widely known for its serene ambience and skilled teachers. As a matter of fact, her hard work and perseverance towards her goal marks the success of Thej Academy today. Despite being a successful entrepreneur herself, Mrs. Prameela Suresh believes in creating more women entrepreneurs in the society. Undoubtedly, her rigor is the reason for her great success.

All the above mentioned women entrepreneurs, in one way or the other, made their way to success. To sum it up, they all had their own obstacles. But, what is more important is that, they never gave up.

For more inspiration on women entrepreneurship, check out

How can Thej Academy help you

How can Thej Academy help you - blog image

The founder of Thej Academy Mrs. Prameela Suresh says, ‘We believe in growing together‘. True to this, at Thej academy we enable women entrepreneurs by teaching them a variety of courses that we offer. Meanwhile, take a quick peek at for more information on our creative courses. To begin with, we have teachers who can teach Abacus, Vedic Math, Midbrain activation, etc for women.

What you need

Not to Worry! 10th standard is the minimum eligibility. The fees structure varies accordingly. The rough scale of it lies between Rs.5000 to Rs.50,000, depending upon the course chosen. Furthermore, any unused spare room in your house can be used as your classroom.

Apart from this, all that you need to have is the zeal to learn. Certainly topping it, is the ability to teach children the same.


This is a golden opportunity for women with the spirit to achieve and become an entrepreneur. On the whole, any great achievement begins with a small step. Presently, Thej Academy provides you this amazing opening to explore your talent. In brief, shape up your inquisitiveness at Thej Academy and prepare yourself for the successful entrepreneur you want to become, tomorrow.

Moreover, India is in need of more female entrepreneurs. So, Gear up women, It’s time for a change!

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