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Women Entrepreneurship + the Opportunity to Join Thej Academy

Posted by Thej Academy on 07th June 2019

To begin with, Women entrepreneurship is the process in which women initiate a business. Firstly, they gather all resources, take risks and face challenges. But eventually, they provide employment to others and manage the business independently.

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All about Handwriting

Posted by Thej Academy on 08th May 2019

Everybody has a unique handwriting style, that is created in a well-organized way to form letters and numbers. Practicing Handwriting for kids is a priority in most parent’s list these days. Handwriting practice not only helps kids to write neatly and legibly, but also sharpens the brain and helps them learn better.

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15 days Summer Camp at Thej Academy Starts from 1st May 2019

Posted by Thej Academy on 25th April 2019

With summer hitting us up, along with great excitement, THEJ brings you some engrossing brain development courses to level up your skills!! Jump in and exploit the wide range of unique and custom-made courses that we offer!!

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Is Midbrain Activation Safe? [Updated 2021]

Posted by Thej Academy on 01st April 2019

At Thej Academy, we use special brain activation techniques to activate the midbrain. This is 100% safe and in the long run, it has amazing benefits on the kid’s performance. Consistent practice of Midbrain activation, when combined with proper nutrition, can do wonders to the kids concentration levels- Neuroscientists strongly suggest.

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Understanding Singapore Math

Posted by Thej Academy on 14th March 2019

Singapore math was designed with the sole purpose of improving the students critical thinking and mathematical mastery. It has a 5-point concrete approach to attain the same. The math lessons will be explained through scaffolding. Students are expected to persevere through the problem- solving process, which eventually stimulates the critical thinking attribute in the student’s brain.

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7 Powerful different “Types of abacus” and everything you need to know

Posted by Thej Academy on 07th February 2019

Isn’t it fascinating that a simple device comprising of a frame with wires and grooves can be used to crack complex arithmetic’s? Math has always been, and still is bitter gourd soup for masses till date. But as luck would have it, math is a part of our everyday lives and we are forced to deal with it.

Join me fellas, while I take you through the entire detail book of the epitome of human invention in Mathematics – The Abacus!

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