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Get Trained as Certified Abacus Teacher

Posted by Thej Academy on 29th July 2020

Want to Get Trained and Become a Professional Abacus Teacher? Welcome to Thej Academy – a One on One Online Training with Experienced Teachers.

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Online Abacus Classes from Thej Academy

Posted by Thej Academy on 04th June 2020

Gear up people, let us learn something fun. Thej Academy provides revolutionary Online abacus classes, with 50% off. Learn from your home, at your convenience, in the comfort of your own space. Lets make the most out of this lock down period, by learning Abacus.

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50% OFF on Abacus classes for New joiner

Posted by Thej Academy on 28th May 2020

Looking to join abacus classes? Thej academy is allowing you to save a huge amount of money for new joiners. 50% off on all 8 Levels of Abacus. This offer is Limited.

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Thej Academy [Online] Summer Camp 2020

Posted by Thej Academy on 08th March 2020

What good is a summer without a Summer camp from Thej Academy. We are back with Energetic and awesome Activities for April and May 2020

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Thank You! We have Successfully Completed 1st National Level Abacus Online Competition

Posted by Thej Academy on 19th February 2020

There are already other Abacus Online Competitions that exist in the market and What makes the Thej Academy special is that we are looking for Fresh and Uniqueness and we want to provide something Easier, Faster, and More Creative oriented to make the students and parents happy. We are living in a world where everything requires technology. Touch of a button you get everything at your doorstep. It is Now or Never we have to make the decision faster and give them what the parents and student wants.

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Abacus Online Competition 2020

Posted by Thej Academy on 04th January 2020

First time Thej Academy bringing Online Abacus Competition starting from January 2020. Read more about all the details in this post. Also a link to the Registration form.

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How to do Addition using Abacus Kit

Posted by Thej Academy on 26th November 2019

Facing difficulty with addition? Fret not! Addition using the Abacus kit is pretty easy. At Thej Academy KK Nagar, Chennai, we train kids to excel in addition and all other arithmetic calculations using the Abacus kit. We have trained mentors to help your kid ace in mathematics. Not to mention, it also helps to improve mental visualization and creativity levels.

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Understanding Abacus Kit

Posted by Thej Academy on 07th October 2019

Are we really out of time?? In this competitive world of improvised technology, the human brain is least used. This highly impacts children and their innate skills. Leaning Abacus not only sharpens the mind of children, but also helps them improve focus. Abacus is a highly versatile calculating device, invented by Ancient Chinese and used all over the world. The abacus we teach in Thej Academy includes addition, subtraction, lengthy multiplication and complex divisions. We provide individual attention to each kid to help them inculcate focus and creativity, by means of Abacus coaching.

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The Story of Thej Academy

Posted by Thej Academy on 22nd August 2019

Initially, Thej Academy was an one woman show. I had to take charge of everything from sweeping the classrooms to teaching the students. In three years time, we had a growth in the strength, more than 400 students… My transformation from a housewife to an entrepreneur was quite challenging. The struggle is real, ladies! But, I was determined not to give up.

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Understanding Abacus Classes

Posted by Thej Academy on 12th July 2019

In kids, the fastest mental growth takes place between 4 to 14 years. Hence, it is best to start abacus classes for kids from 4-5 years age. The more the grasping skill, the more sharp the kids turn out to be.

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