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Is Midbrain Activation Safe? [Updated 2021]

Posted by Thej Academy on 01st April 2019

There is no limit to the power of the Human mind. The more concentrated it is, The more power is brought to bear on one point

Swami Vivekananda


Midbrain activation is a scientific practice that activates the middle part of the human brain. This allows the development of mental vision to improve the memory power and concentration. It benefits the gaining of certain normal and super-normal abilities in children. The origin of midbrain activation being unclear, certain studies draw a line of connection to the Nada Yoga.

Understanding Our Brain

Understanding our brain

Perhaps one way to understand an organ as complex as the human brain is to look at it as a team of experts working together. Each member has a specific set of tasks assigned to them. As with sub-groups in most committees, each member is grouped according to their field of expertise.

These sub-groups are the three basic units that exist in the brain. The first unit is called the forebrain. Aside from being the largest part of the brain, it is also the most developed. It consists of the cerebrum and the network of structures that lie underneath it. This is often what people see when they look at images or illustrations of the brain.

The cerebrum, which splits into two hemispheres, sits at the topmost section of the brain. It’s where most intellectual activities such as planning, thinking, recognition and imagination happen. This is also the part of the brain that functions as an archive of memories.

The second unit, called the midbrain, is located at the topmost part of the brainstem. It’s responsible for controlling motor movements such as visual processing, auditory processing, and eye movement. The third unit is the hindbrain, and it is composed of the cerebellum, the brain stem, and the spinal cord. It controls the vital functions of the body such as heart rate and respiration. It is always good to know your brain.

why do we need to activate the midbrain?

Because it keeps the communication lines open between the two hemispheres of the brain. As we get older, our brain tends to make one hemisphere more dominant than the other. While this is understandable, we end up losing the opportunity to make the most of what our brains could do. This trend can be reversed by when the midbrain is activated. In the aftermath, we can efficiently use our brain since there’s a huge improvement in its cognitive abilities.

Who Can Participate in Midbrain Activation

Participants of midbrain activation are mostly children. The goal of this practice is to improve their intuition, concentration, and memory. Thanks to all the stimulation involved, the brain will be very much awakened by the end of the activity. It will even come to a point where the individual will have the ability to sense visual things without actually seeing them.

During the program, children go through a series of activities that will enable their brain to function at the optimum level. The course is designed to activate their senses so they can perform well. They perceive aspects in their environment that most people, both young and old, find challenging to perceive. Since it strengthens their intuition, they will develop the skill to see things without opening their eyes.

Health issues are also the topic of conversation during the training. Kids are asked to hydrate before training since water intake affects the body’s detoxification process. It also improves the functionality of the brain. One can look at this process as preparing the space and clearing it of all negative energy before yoga or meditation. There are also parts in the program where participants will be asked to practice deep breathing. The purpose of this is to make sure that the brain has a good supply of nutrients and oxygen. Both are crucial for the brain to function optimally.

The Science behind Midbrain Activation

Science behind midbrain activation

The Nada yoga is a philosophical form of yoga, mainly focusing on the sound vibrations, termed as Nada. Additionally, it is a reverential way to approach and respond to sound. This sound vibrations and resonances can be used to pursue palliative effects on the human mind. Eventually, this plays a dominant role in raising the level of awareness of the postulated energy systems called the Chakra. Hence, this amazing process has a deep impact on the part of the Central Nervous System associated with vision, hearing, alertness and temperature regulation.

Midbrain – The Brain’s Boss

Midbrain is a small area in the brain that serves as the processing hub for all sensory information. It might be in the form of audio, visual, touch, taste and smell. The midbrain is responsible for processing, storing and retrieving data.

The pineal body in the brain secretes two hormones, Melatonin and Serotonin. These hormones cater to the left and the right brain respectively. In short, by activating both these hormones, the midbrain is triggered, resulting in rapid functioning. Midbrain activation claims to awaken the middle part of the brain that lies between the left and the right hemispheres, through mind exercises. This process, apparently triggers the overall potential of the child to visualize and identify colours, numbers and read a book when they are completely blind folded.

Fascinating right?

The human mind is our fundamental resource


Benefits of Midbrain Activation

Understanding our brain

The benefits one can receive through midbrain activation depend on their age. Children who engage in midbrain activation have improved focus, motor skills, and memory. These are important since these are among the things they need as they try to get to know the world around them. As they dive into each activity, they will learn to trust themselves more. The process also strengthens their intuition and sensory perception. They will also receive the quality of sleep that their body needs and their ability to control their emotions will improve. Since all these factors put them in a happy disposition, it will be easier for them (and their parents) to manage their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight.

Those who reach the end of the program can see the world around them even while wearing a blindfold. This is mainly because, aside from their intuition, their sense of taste, smell, hearing, and touch are heightened. Some even go as far as being able to do blindfold reading or the ability to read books without actually having a book in front of them.

How It Can Benefit Adults

Adults who practice midbrain activation receive benefits that are slightly different from that of children. For one thing, it reverses the trend and keeps their brain young and healthy. This makes it possible for the left and the right hemispheres of the brain to communicate effectively. This communication paves the way for their creativity, imagination, and emotional stability to improve. It also enhances not just their ability to concentrate well but also their memory retention.

Some studies show that the brain “hardens” as we age. It loses its softness, making it difficult for blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to pass through. Midbrain activation helps remove blocks or hardened parts in the brain. It also helps in delaying or keeping the inevitable cognitive decline at a minimum.

The practice also results in an increase in volume in some areas of the brain. This is because mental exercises boost the production of new cells in the brain. This improves the brain’s capability to absorb and process information. Since the brain is somehow able to function the way it used to, those who practice midbrain activation find themselves able to control their emotions better.

Midbrain Activation Secret

Sounds for transformation

There is nothing mystical behind the science of Midbrain Activation. It all narrows down to thinking and manifesting. At Thej Academy, we make sure that this science is properly applied to benefit the kids. The concrete science behind this entire process is thought manifestation, with absolutely no conceptual complications. It is termed as a non-physical intelligence, that stirs up the overall potential of the brain. Here is an example:

Sounds for transformation:

Sound is the origin of the Universe. It is the building block of almost everything. Sounds, when subjected to research, responded in such a way that they can effectively activate the speed of the human brain. The human brain responds differently to different forms of sound. Previously, identifying the right pattern of sound waves that targeted the midbrain, was quite a challenge. After years of research, the ideal sound pattern that made the midbrain respond, was identified and the entire process of Midbrain activation came into practice.

Surprisingly, even the IQ of adults were found to increase, Using sound waves to activate parts of the midbrain. Famous researcher Mr.Pillai, (spiritual teacher and Researcher) states that the results of Midbrain activation using sound waves produced phenomenal results, while tested on kids from Slums of India, Canada and New Jersey.

In this scientific validation, it was discovered that 16 vowels and 35 consonants that make up the 51 fundamental units of sound are more than enough to accelerate the cells in the midbrain. The middle part of the brain termed as the anterior stimulant is the dominator of the entire process. This part of the middle brain can do miracles, when activated in the right way, as we do at Thej. It caters to a wide range of factors like memory power, concentration, improved focus, etc. Apparently, this activation leads to improvised understanding and processing, when it comes to education and real life scenarios. The sound can be as simple as ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’ to complex sound loops. Needless to mention, the results of using sound to activate the brain are simply amazing!!

The human brain is an incredible pattern-matching machine

Jeff Bezos

We at Thej, care for you

Midbrain activation involves activation the tissues in the middle part of the brain. At Thej Academy, it is done through safe mind-exercises and sound therapy. This intrinsic method gradually increases the performance of kids with ABSOLUTELY NO SIDE EFFECTS. Once the midbrain is activated, the brain starts to secrete hormones that will optimize the functioning of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Eventually, this will only result in the improved intelligence and high levels of performance in kids.

Age Limit for Midbrain Activation

Activating age limit for Midbrain Activation

Every child is born with a fully functional midbrain. This owes to the child’s quicker responses to touch and taste. The active midbrain functioning continues till the age of 4 years. However, following this, the speed of the midbrain tends to subsequently deteriorate. This results in decreased functioning of the midbrain.

The process of Midbrain activation is ideal for children between 5 to 15 years of age. Kids of this age group have high brain reception, and so the midbrain activation process revives the brain’s potential and enhances its functioning. Adding to it, courses such as Types of Abacus and Singapore math

Singapore math also aids in developing the kids mental power. At Thej Academy, Midbrain activation is performed in such a way that, post the process, children tend to have tremendous improvement in memory power and concentration levels. Enhanced stress handling capability and higher control on emotions are the unsaid added bonuses of the same!

Can Midbrain Activation Works on Adult

While most of the participants for midbrain activation, one must know that adults can also sign up for this training program. Adults can benefit immensely from the exercises since it turns back the clock and keeps their brain from being dominant on one side.

Children have so much curiosity in them that they find it difficult to resist the urge to explore the world around them. All these new experiences contribute to the development of their brain. Now, as they reach adulthood, their brain slowly starts to decline. This is why adults aren’t as enthusiastic when it comes to searching for answers and getting to know their environment. In a way, this also explains why those who are in the adult stages of their life aren’t as sharp as those who are younger than they are.

The dominance between the conscious and the subconscious also shifts as we get older. Adults operate more in the realm of consciousness, thus making it difficult for them to tap into subconscious when the need arises. Through midbrain activation, they’ll learn how to balance not just the left and the right hemispheres of their brain, but also the conscious and the subconscious.

Is Midbrain Activation Really Safe?

Understanding our brain

The term “midbrain activation” can be quite scary since it sounds like an invitation to tap into the unknown. This fear is understandable since as humans, we are wired to fear things that we do not understand. There’s also the worry that participating in the activity will result in severe side effects. Perhaps one way to address this is by shedding some light on what steps are involved in the process.

A lot of music, motivation, breathing techniques, brain games, and eyeball exercises happen are involved in midbrain activation. The reason why these activities are part of the process is because they help evoke both the imaginative and the intuitive power of the brain. It’s the very power that we unconsciously suppress whenever we try to search for logical explanations in the things that we do.

This series of activities create an opening that allows the brain to function at the optimum level. It surfaces one’s highest mental ability. As a result, children able to show everyone even their most intrinsic characteristics. Their intelligence is also taken to a whole new level.

Given the kind of activity involved in the practice, one can safely say there are no side effects to midbrain activation. Some claim that they or their children experience hallucinations or things that are not of this world. This is understandable since that’s what the aftermath of a midbrain activation “feels like.” One can feel like they’ve acquired some sort of superpower when in fact, it’s just the brain being rewired so it can function to its full potential.

How Long Midbrain Activation Lasts

The training for midbrain activation lasts for two days. By the last day, participants are expected to have “awakened” their midbrain to its full potential. They should be able to find it easier to memorize, concentrate, and process information. Reading and learning will feel much less of a chore by then, and their confidence will receive a boost as aftermath.

The training also activates their senses’ super ability, making it a lot easier for them to solve puzzles and recognize shapes, characters, and colors. They will also be more curious about their surroundings and they will be more interested to learn because there’s a balance between their EQ and IQ. This sync between the thinking part of their brain and the feeling part of their brain will help them excel in all aspects of their lives.

Now, how long will this effect last? This is a question that’s tricky to answer. The reason behind this being, activating the midbrain is like opening Pandora’s box. Once you see what’s inside, there’s no turning back. This doesn’t mean, of course, that what was seen will be present in your memory every single day of your life.

Is Midbrain Activation and Pandora’s Box Similar?

The reason why we said there’s a similarity between midbrain activation and Pandora’s Box that once you activate that part of your brain, you cannot “de-activate” it. By that, we mean, once the left and the right hemispheres find that bridge of communication, you can count on them to engage in conversation or exchange information as often as possible.

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to look at the effect of midbrain activation in terms of levels. The level is at its highest days after the program since the activities are still very much present in our brains. As we go back home and immerse ourselves in school or our community, we tend to lose bits and pieces of what we received during the program. If we don’t refresh our memory every now and then, the level of activation will go lower until such time that we cannot access it anymore.

This is why it’s important to practice midbrain activation exercises whenever possible. These will allow us to energize our brain and give it the workout it needs from time to time. One way to go about this is by consciously drinking plenty of water every single day and consciously choosing nutritious food over unhealthy ones. This, in itself, can be challenging so it’s important to be aware that whatever is consumed will have an effect the brain development.

Physical exercise can improve the oxygen supply in our brains, which can help them function better. Participating in activities that require brainpower such as word games and solving puzzles can give the brain the mental workout it needs. Other activities that can keep the midbrain activated are meditation, reading, socializing, and getting quality sleep.

Midbrain Activation at Thej

Is Midbrain Activation Safe?

At Thej Academy, we use special brain activation techniques to activate the midbrain. This is 100% safe and in the long run, it has amazing benefits on the kid’s performance. Consistent practice of Midbrain activation, when combined with proper nutrition, can do wonders to the kids concentration levels- Neuroscientists strongly suggest. Since Midbrain activation has many other added benefits as well, it serves as a win- win for the kids as well as their parents.

Above all, the most noteworthy fact is that, there are absolutely no disadvantages caused by this yogic-science backed practice.


Midbrain Activation is clearly intended to improve the brain functionality of the kids. The waves produced in this process have the capability to activate super intuition in the child’s brain. Along with intelligence it also inculcates kind-heartedness and Conceptual thinking.

Furthermore, with some people claiming it to be a hoax, there are equal studies supporting Midbrain Activation. This is the reason Midbrain Activation is practiced in different countries, from activating children’s brain to researches including recovery from Coma. The Midbrain Science Foundation is constantly working on the same to make the process more concrete for the benefit of the kids and adults of the upcoming generation. Because, in the century of speedy technological advancements and competitive talents, a tool like Midbrain Activation is much-needed.

The human brain is, by far, the most complex physical object known to us in the entire cosmos. Use it wisely

Owen Ginderich

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