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Understanding Abacus Classes

Posted by Thej Academy on 12th July 2019


Abacus is one of the most important manual calculating devices used worldwide. It is used to boost the mental ability of the users. This article is based on the benefits of Abacus classes for kids.

In this article, Thej Academy proudly presents the stages in learning abacus through abacus classes, for the benefit of your children.

Benefits of learning abacus

Benefits of Learning Abacus - Thej Academy

Abacus is not a tool used only to solve math problems. Moreover, it is surprising that a lot of researches prove that abacus classes helps in better functioning of both the parts of the brain. It helps in building confidence and acts as an improvised skill set.

Kids these days are tampered big time by constant addiction to the television and other such external factors. Therefore, in such cases, abacus classes comes to the rescue. It enhances the memory power of children. It promotes stronger mental calculation skills. Hop in here for more science-backed wonders of Abacus training.

Levels of Abacus

In kids, the fastest mental growth takes place between 4 to 14 years. Hence, it is best to start abacus classes for kids from 4-5 years age. The more the grasping skill, the more sharp the kids turn out to be. This applies in terms of solid learning base and increased memory skill. It takes a time period of 2-3 years to complete all the levels.

Level-1 is simple and the level-8 is complex. Children start showing signs of improved math skills right from the level-1. But, major changes are seen only when the child reaches level-4 or 5. Learn more about Abacus Types from here.

Abacus for kids and Adults

Abacus for Kids and Adults - Thej Academy

Abacus makes math easy to work on. Besides enabling faster calculations, it saves time during exams. Hence, learning abacus helps a child in many ways. A child who has learnt abacus can count very fast. Faster than someone calculating on a calculator, without using a pen and paper. Irrespective of the age, abacus training works wonders. As fancy as it sounds, abacus improves the overall confidence to a distinct extent.

From a vendor market to hotel bill, you can calculate the total in seconds. How cool is that? Abacus makes this more than just easier.

Abacus classes in India

Abacus classes are found all over the country due to its fame and practical benefits. Right from small towns, abacus has made its foot print. Also, middle and higher secondary schools these days teach Abacus classes as a part of their syllabus.

Children become more curious due to the creative teaching methods. Likewise, children with abacus training are smarter than the other children, when it comes to academics. To date, every district in India has a minimum of 4 to 5 abacus centres. Thej Academy is one of the leading Abacus coaching centres in Chennai that traines children in multiple ways to sharpen their skills.

Abacus classes at Thej Academy

Abacus classes at Thej Academy - Thej Academy

At Thej Academy, we always believe in providing the best. We have highly trained staffs who provide Class-A abacus training. By providing abacus training with practical examples, we make math, a fun subject to deal with. We have regular abacus training classes and also offer crash courses as Summer Camp Courses during holidays. Also, we provide extra classes from Tuesday to Friday and speed promote the outstanding kids to the next level.

We understand the capacity of your child and train them in such a way that their Midbrain is activated. Here’s the article that will help you learn about how safe is Midbrain Activation. This enhances the overall cognitive functioning of the child’s brain.

My Son and Daughter finished all 8 levels successful. And also finished Mid Brain course. Both course very much useful for my kids.Thanks to Thej academy.


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Abacus classes fees at Thej Academy

The registration fees depends upon the institute that you wish to pursue your Abacus class in. It depends on the location, experience and the recognition of the institute.

The overall cost incurred will include the cost of the Abacus kit. Following this, the fees structure varies from level to level. The basic levels charge lesser. The advanced courses charge comparatively more than the basic levels. Subsequently, the certification charges depends on the institute. We at Thej Academy charge less while comparing to the other centres in Chennai.


In this highly competitive world, what we seek is not just education for the left-brain but the development of the mind as a whole. Abacus classes train children to improve their overall logical thinking. There are many advantages in using a flexible mental system like Abacus training. Lots of parents have seen visible differences in their children’s academic performance post their Abacus training at Thej Academy. Here, kids can find their own methods. They are not limited to the one ‘correct’ method. This leads to more creativity and intelligence in children. A versatile training system like the Abacus will certainly help kids reach that stage. You can also learn more about our other courses.

We at Thej Academy facilitate these at our best, for we believe, that sharp minds shape their future strategically.

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