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Thej Academy is a Trusted, Best and Friendly Abacus Academy in Nesapakkam, Chennai. Since 2000

Thej Academy is a much renowned Abacus Academy in Chennai exclusively known for its student-friendly environment and well-experienced teachers.

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    Best and the Most trusted Abacus Training Academy in Nesapakkam, Chennai. Don’t Believe us? See our testimonials.
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    "Excellent coaching and I like the way the teachers look after the kids in a kind manner..." - Devi

    Welcome to Thej Academy

    At Thej Academy in Nesapakkam, we have structured systematic teaching methods for abacus where individual attention and care is given to each one of our kids. We strongly focus on increasing the self-confidence and learning of our children. We achieve this with our international training standard by professionally trained and child-friendly teachers.


    If given the right trigger during the formative years, children will go through a steep learning curve and excel in each one of their endeavors. With that as the sole aim, Thej Academy - the best Abacus Institute in Nesapakkam has curated a comprehensive list of courses that holistically aids your children in their academics.

    Course card
    • Abacus Mental Arithmetic
    • Singapore Maths
    • Mid Brain Activation (MBA)
    • Handwriting
    • Spelling Bee
    • Vedic Maths
    • Teacher's Training in Abacus, Handwriting and MBA
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    What we are today is purely a result of your appreciation, feedback, and suggestions. For us to constantly evolve and get deep-rooted as the best Abacus Academy in Nesapakkam, Chennai, we truly value your testimonies and work them out to enhance our quality on and on.

    Achuth Chandrasekhar

    Thej Academy is a pioneer in abacus education and has churned out countless brilliant minds for close to two decades now. The academy has carved a niche for itself owing to the revered, friendly faculty they have on-board. They have scores of other programs to chose from apart from abacus like handwriting, spoken English and the most noteworthy of it all being the Mid-Brain activation program. In short, the best academy one can enroll their kids into.

    Vijayalakshmi Venkat

    I am very happy to share about Thej Academy that it is a pioneer in abacus education. My son who has completed all his levels still using techniques and helping him in all walks of life and speed and accuracy is perfect.